Fish oil

The origin of our fish oil is both national and imported.

The characteristics of fish oil depend on species, capture zone, fishing season and some other factors that determine its later use.

The extraction of fish oil is closely related to the fishing industry, thus being altered by the several variables characteristic of this sector (e.g. fishing and biological seasons). These variations occur at an international scale, hence leading to an intense globalization of this market.

Fish oil is supplied to many industrial sectors, ranging from the manufacturing of feed for aquaculture (where fish oil has become a fundamental raw material) to the manufacturing of pharmacological and cosmetic products, as well as the large chemical industry: the manufacturing of putties, paints and synthetic resins, products for leather tanning, detergents, candles, metallurgy, textile industry…




Mixture of




Fishmeal is an important source of natural protein and fatty acids. The high nutritional value of fishmeal makes it a good ingredient for several animal feed: bovine, ovine and porcine livestock and various fish species. Choosing an appropriate type of fishmeal leads to a better nutrition, stimulates faster growth and prevents diseases.

We offer various types of fishmeal that we classify by their protein percentage.

Protein +60%

Protein 67-70%

Protein 67-70 LT%


Recycled Vegetable

We are deeply committed to fostering a circular economy through the recycling of resources. We receive used vegetable oils for its restitution and subsequent technical use.

We have been allowed to market this product with the registration number SC-I-NP-XA-00006 by the Galician government.

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