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Fish Oil

The origin of our fish oil is both national and imported.

The characteristics of fish oil depend on species, capture zone, fishing season and some other factors that determine its later use.


Fishmeal is an important source of natural protein and fatty acids. The high nutritional value of fishmeal makes it a good ingredient for several animal feed.

Recycled vegetable oil

We are deeply committed to fostering a circular economy through the recycling of resources. We receive used vegetable oils for its restitution and subsequent technical use.

The main activities of Industrias Arpo are the treatment, refinement and commercialization of fish oil.

“Guarantee of commitment and quality”


We perform different types of refinement with high quality results.


Animal feed

Fish oil and fishmeal are used in the manufacturing of animal feed, such as pets, aquaculture, aviculture and porcine livestock, due to their high nutritional value (omega 3 fatty acids present in fish oil and proteins in fishmeal).


Pet food



Because of its many properties, fish oil has a wide variety of uses: the manufacturing of putties, paints and resins, products for leather tanning, detergents and other industrial uses. Moreover, since we are an adaptable and open-minded company, we welcome the collaboration with new customers and suppliers in order to find new uses for our products.

Pharmaceutical industry

Chemical industry

Paintings and resins

Other uses

In addition, we commercialize fish oil and fishmeal for the manufacturing of different products for human consumption, such as nutritional supplements.

Food supplements


In our large facilities we provide services such as storage, loading and unloading.

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